The Jamaica Customs Agency is charged with the responsibility of protecting the border of Jamaica. This includes the protection from all goods or products that are deemed harmful to the nation. Please click the links below for more details on all restricted and prohibited items: 

 1. Restricted Items (click here):

Please note the various items displayed in the link above for which permits are required. Please also note that this list is subject to change at any given time as items are added and taken off as the Government of Jamaica dictates.

A summary is displayed below (please contact us for more information).


Fur and Animal products Plant Seeds
Explosives Plants
Items of Extremely High-Value Radar Detectors
Firearms and Ammunition Tobacco
Illegal Drugs Toxic Substances
Lasers (of any kind) Toy Guns
Live Animals Wood
Perishable Items Riot Gears (Et. Al.)

 2. Prohibited/Forbidden Items (please see below):

Any items that are considered to be FLAMMABLE, EXPLOSIVE or contains CORROSIVE material. These items include but are not limited to:


Ammunition, Firearms and Firearm Parts Lighters

Any item with Alcohol

(listed as its first ingredient) 

Cleaning Solutions Car Shocks
Fireworks Pressure Containers
Gas, Poisons Tear Gas or Pepper Spray
Gas Powered Tools Wet-Cell Batteries

Please do not have these items shipped to your Miami Address under any circumstances as they cannot be shipped to Jamaica. Please note that you have one of two options if this is done in error, and further will come at a cost to you:

1. You will need to pay for their destruction in Miami; OR

2. You may opt to return them to the shipper at a cost.