(Question): I want to be able to estimate my freight charges but I am unable to find my product’s weight information on the site I am trying to order from. How do I figure this out?

(Response): In many instances, online stores do not provide their products’ weight information. However, feel free to use websites with a large product base such as Amazon or Ebay Et. Al. to search for a similar product, and you may use that information as a guide.


(Question): What is the general delivery time of a purchase made in the United States?

(Response): The general delivery time (delivery window) for a purchase made from a United States based store to our Miami Warehouse is 5 to 8 days, some sites may actually be less than 5 days. However, once a purchase is received on your behalf in Miami, and all things being equal (no flight delays or hold at Jamaica Customs); it takes 3-5 working days for your packages to arrive.


(Question): What is my address in Miami?

(Response): Your address in Miami can be found in your customer account on our website - Upon registration, you are instantly able to view your Miami Based Address. The format is displayed below:

Full Name: Mary Jane

Address Line 1: 10050 NW 116TH WAY, SUITE 9

Address Line 2: FCJ-10002 (Address Line 2 represents your account number, please use it at all times when shopping online.)

City: Medley

State: FL

Zip Code: 33178

Phone Number: (876) 997-1325

*To ensure your delivery, be sure to include your account number - in  (Address Line 2) while shopping online.*


(Question): What is the CIF value and how is it calculated?

(Response): The CIF represents "Cost, Insurance and Freight"

CIF Value = Package's invoice value +Freight Cost (according to Customs) + Insurance


(Question): Will I need to pay duties on packages shipped to Jamaica?

(Response): If you made a purchase directly in the United States, packages entering Jamaica must be declared before Customs and the corresponding import taxes, become due. However, Freight Club Jamaica will take care of the Customs Handling process for our clients. Simply, ensure that your invoices are uploaded in your customer account.


(Question): What does the status "Customs-Query, Documents Needed" mean?

(Response): This status means your package does not appear to be linked to an invoice that can be used for customs clearance.

An invoice generally has the following qualities:

 Clearly describes the item(s);

  • Displays the quantity;
  • Outlines the value (price paid);
  • Shipper/Supplier’s Information: Generally, the name and address of the business or person sending the goods;
  • Consignee Information: Name and Address of the business or individual receiving the item(s).

Generally, a commercial invoice should contain clear and sufficient information for a customs officer to determine if the goods being imported are admissible and if so, what the correct Harmonized Tariff Schedule classification and rate of duty should be. 


(Question): Why is the declared value of my package different from my invoice?

(Response): Once a package arrives in Customs, you will notice that the declared value will increase. This will occur as the package now reflects its CIF value. This is the value used by Customs to calculate taxes and is equal to the invoice total (declared value) + shipping charges to Jamaica (according to Customs) + Insurance.


(Question): Are all packages opened? Further, is this necessary?

(Response): There are cases where Freight Club Jamaica is required by the authorities to verify the contents of the packages we are transporting. The opening process is designed to: verify whether or not the invoice matches the contents of the package; ensuring a package was not damaged during flight; and reporting the serial numbers of certain electronic equipment if required by the Attorney General's Office.

Please rest assured that the staff at Freight Club Jamaica is well trained and competent with respect to the technical requirements necessary for the proper protection of its imports.


(Question): Does the Miami office receive packages during the weekends?

(Response): No. Our offices in Miami are closed on weekends. Packages are received on Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (local Miami time).


(Question): How do I sign into my customer account?

(Response): The Customer Account Login is at the top of the web page. You must enter your username (email address) and associated password. If you are experiencing any difficulties, please contact Customer Service via Live Chat (Website), Email (, WhatsApp: (876-997-1325) or Telephone (876) 615-7447.


(Question): What happens if I forget my account password?

(Response): If you forgot your password, no worries. Click the "Forgot Your Password?" link located on the Customer Account Login page. You will be asked to enter your email address, and then check your email for the simple reset instructions.


(Question): How do I officially formalize my account with Freight Club Jamaica?

(Response): Kindly provide us with a copy of your identification for our official records.


(Question): How do I return a package to the United States?

(Response): It is the responsibility of the customer to make contact with the shipper or manufacturer to obtain a Return Authorization Form. Once this authorization is granted, the customer can proceed to make contact with Freight Club Jamaica’s Customer Service to receive the relevant return instructions. Freight Club Jamaica must receive all required documentation and the relevant merchandise no later than seventeen (17) business days prior to the return authorization’s expiration date. Please be guided accordingly. There is an applicable return fee.


(Question): Generally, what is needed to return a package to the shipper?

(Response): The following is required by Freight Club Jamaica: A Return Authorization issued by the shipper or manufacturer; the original invoice; and the package.


(Question): Do you offer package tracking?

(Response): Yes we do. You are able to track the status of your shipment through your customer dashboard area.


(Question): Which products are restricted?

(Response): Please see this link for more details (click here).


(Question): What happens if I have already ordered a restricted/forbidden item?

(Response): Not to worry. You have the following options:

  • Have us return the package to the supplier;
  • Submit a request to have us destroy it;
  • Physically pick up the package from our Miami Warehouse; or
  • You may have it delivered to a local Miami address of your choice.

For more information feel free to contact our Customer Service. Please also note that these options will attract additional costs. Please also note that if no instructions are received from you within a two-three week time span after the package arrives in Miami; it will be destroyed and the associated costs will have to be charged to your account.


(Question): What payment methods are accepted by your company?

(Response): You may pay your charges using Cash, Debit/Credit Cards & Online Bank Transfers.


(Question): Where can I get free Internet Shopping Tips & Advice?

(Response): Subscribe to our email list (bottom right of the web page) for advice from our Online Deal Scout’s – Sabrina & Christopher. Check out their weekly newsletter and follow us on Social Media for more details. (Instagram Username) @freightclubjamaica

They are always searching for the best deals just for you (WEEKLY)!